Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet our Milan at 1

So I'm a little behind keeping this blog thing up to date!

This is our DAUGHTER...Milan Francine. We had her April 2nd, 2008. It has been a joy to be her parents and we want to share this beautiful face with all of you. Here is a few things you must know about Milan and what we have learned this past year:

-loves to smile, first time when she was 3 weeks lie

-LOVES to eat and has HUGE diapers

-loves her brother

-can hit

-throws food


-loves to crawl with something in her could be anything.

-doesn't cry a lot but when she does, it's LOUD.

-snored for the first 4 months of her life

-loves wear things as name it...beads, dog leashes, measuring tapes. She is our Mardi Gras girl...not really but...really.

-sings, kisses, head butts, high fives, hugs, dances

I could go on for ever and ever but that should give you a taste of our amazing daughter. She is a light in our lives.

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Fran said...

Milan is absolutely beautiful! She is gentle, sweet, bright, and fun. We cherish every moment we had with her this past week in San Destin.

I wish I could respond immediately EVERY TIME she calls her "GiGi"!

Kisses to you all....