Sunday, October 7, 2007

You're not wasting kisses!

"I hope to not be on my death bed and wished I had kissed more." -Unknown

I read that quote somewhere recently and it stuck with me. (There my be an author but I couldn't remember.) I asked I kiss as much as I want to? My answer-no. Do I show my husband, my little Moses how much I love them with my affection? no. I show them with little things I do for them. I tell them I love them but do I physically love on them as much as I think about it. no

This is my little sister, Liz, kissing Moses. BRAVE AUNTIE! We have taught Moses the kiss but it is a full on open mouth event on Moses' end. But he is willing and he knows it is loving. The other day I told him I loved him and he ran to me and leaned foward for a kiss. That's when I knew he had made the connection! What a beautiful moment when a kiss is a sign of love for a child!

So my call to us all is simply to kiss more.

Kiss your spouse (however you want!) for no particular reason. Not with hellos, goodbyes or good nights. Just kiss for the mere reason of love.

Kiss your parents, kiss your kids, kiss your loved ones. God has only given us a brief moment on this earth so don't worry about wasting such thing! Who goes around and is upset because someone kisses too much??!!** Break down those walls and show that love with more kisses!

**teenagers should seek the Lord concerning this post and what He tells you about the amount you should be kissing! The Morgan are not liable.