Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I thought this might be the most appropriate picture to describe our past month! We have had a blast. Moses was Superman for Halloween and I feel like I need Superhuman mommy powers to keep up with the boy! He is doing great and Tray and I are loving this age. The second reason I choose this picture was what is in store for our family this next month. Tray is Superman these next weeks as he prepares for a church Christmas performance the first full weekend of December. He does a phenomenal job from programming, to directing, to ministering to the worship team, to creating a unique Christmas experience every year for our church.

So if you think of it...pray for our family's earthly Superman. Tray is simply amazing but is still human and has human stress, human anxieties and human energies. We want to tap into the right source for our needs as a family as we begin an absolutely crazy and wonderful Christmas season.

Bless you all this week!