Friday, March 28, 2008

Our artist, the Drummer

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after he grows up."

- Pablo Picasso

Creating is messy...especially with kids and in our house...creating is LOUD. Moses is our little drummer. We "created" this little musician and we have given him the freedom to use his "strength/skill" on the drum set we got him for Christmas. So we are due with our second Morgan in just days and I was thinking tonight as I hear Moses' feet run to his drums and the excited noise start up...we are about to have a newborn in this house of loudness. What are we going to do? Hide the drums? Hide the sticks? Let him go for it no matter what? Teach him to play soft? Teach him to not play at all for a season? Bigger than that for that case...when do you rein in your child's creativity, his expression, his passion? I keep thinking more and more on this as we see our 20 month old keep on surprising us with his personality. Of course there are limitations but to this but I don't want to---CRUSH. So tonight I have decided, I will not CRUSH. We don't have the answers on the drums. We don't have a newborn in the house yet that I've spent the night up with. Our hope though is that we allow our children to be the artist God has created them to be. Let us not hold them back from experiencing a passionate life-being that artist. So enjoy our little drummer.


Pam said...

If you think Moses is entertaining, check out the dog!!!
Love you all :)

stacyberry said...

you should have gotten him the ballet slippers we got for Haley...I never hear them as she dances:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Taye -
Stacy said you all have enjoyed kindermusik. I have Max scheduled to be in a class in July. How old was Moses when he started? Which ones have you especially loved? THanks! Shana

Starshine said...

There is so much that I LOVE about this post:

1. The Picasso quote at the top--so much truth in that!

2. I love how you are nurturing the artist in your kids. With the two of you as parents, there is no way your kids won't be artistic!

3. The pacifier in Moses' mouth.

4. The dog doing a dance in the background!

Priceless! I hope you and your family are doing well.

mette said...

hi Taye my friend! SO nice to read your comment on my blog, thank you for that! and same to you, love youe blog, and to read about your family, fortunatly I understand what you write:) I write most about interior on mine, and the pics is from our house. Yes ├ůsmund Emil is turning 1 in may, and Malin 5 in sept. Your kids are just so absolutely adorable... wow, when I look at them I just feel that I HAVE to meet them soon... we must meet you all some time soon. I will call you sweet Taye, say hi to your man. HUG!!