Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Tastes like Chocolate"

So that has become the phrase. For Moses anything-ANYTHING-that he enjoys eating gets the response..."ummm, tastes like chocolate." It could be a cinnamon roll, grilled cheese, a chip, juice (not watered down) chocolate milk, even toothpaste...."ummm, tastes like chocolate." That is his level of judging and determining if he loves something. He loves his chocolate and we love him.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meet our Milan at 1

So I'm a little behind keeping this blog thing up to date!

This is our DAUGHTER...Milan Francine. We had her April 2nd, 2008. It has been a joy to be her parents and we want to share this beautiful face with all of you. Here is a few things you must know about Milan and what we have learned this past year:

-loves to smile, first time when she was 3 weeks old...no lie

-LOVES to eat and has HUGE diapers

-loves her brother

-can hit

-throws food


-loves to crawl with something in her hand...it could be anything.

-doesn't cry a lot but when she does, it's LOUD.

-snored for the first 4 months of her life

-loves wear things as necklaces...you name it...beads, dog leashes, measuring tapes. She is our Mardi Gras girl...not really but...really.

-sings, kisses, head butts, high fives, hugs, dances

I could go on for ever and ever but that should give you a taste of our amazing daughter. She is a light in our lives.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Our artist, the Drummer

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after he grows up."

- Pablo Picasso

Creating is messy...especially with kids and in our house...creating is LOUD. Moses is our little drummer. We "created" this little musician and we have given him the freedom to use his "strength/skill" on the drum set we got him for Christmas. So we are due with our second Morgan in just days and I was thinking tonight as I hear Moses' feet run to his drums and the excited noise start up...we are about to have a newborn in this house of loudness. What are we going to do? Hide the drums? Hide the sticks? Let him go for it no matter what? Teach him to play soft? Teach him to not play at all for a season? Bigger than that for that case...when do you rein in your child's creativity, his expression, his passion? I keep thinking more and more on this as we see our 20 month old keep on surprising us with his personality. Of course there are limitations but to this but I don't want to---CRUSH. So tonight I have decided, I will not CRUSH. We don't have the answers on the drums. We don't have a newborn in the house yet that I've spent the night up with. Our hope though is that we allow our children to be the artist God has created them to be. Let us not hold them back from experiencing a passionate life-being that artist. So enjoy our little drummer.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I thought this might be the most appropriate picture to describe our past month! We have had a blast. Moses was Superman for Halloween and I feel like I need Superhuman mommy powers to keep up with the boy! He is doing great and Tray and I are loving this age. The second reason I choose this picture was what is in store for our family this next month. Tray is Superman these next weeks as he prepares for a church Christmas performance the first full weekend of December. He does a phenomenal job from programming, to directing, to ministering to the worship team, to creating a unique Christmas experience every year for our church.

So if you think of it...pray for our family's earthly Superman. Tray is simply amazing but is still human and has human stress, human anxieties and human energies. We want to tap into the right source for our needs as a family as we begin an absolutely crazy and wonderful Christmas season.

Bless you all this week!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

You're not wasting kisses!

"I hope to not be on my death bed and wished I had kissed more." -Unknown

I read that quote somewhere recently and it stuck with me. (There my be an author but I couldn't remember.) I asked myself...do I kiss as much as I want to? My answer-no. Do I show my husband, my little Moses how much I love them with my affection? no. I show them with little things I do for them. I tell them I love them but do I physically love on them as much as I think about it. no

This is my little sister, Liz, kissing Moses. BRAVE AUNTIE! We have taught Moses the kiss but it is a full on open mouth event on Moses' end. But he is willing and he knows it is loving. The other day I told him I loved him and he ran to me and leaned foward for a kiss. That's when I knew he had made the connection! What a beautiful moment when a kiss is a sign of love for a child!

So my call to us all is simply to kiss more.

Kiss your spouse (however you want!) for no particular reason. Not with hellos, goodbyes or good nights. Just kiss for the mere reason of love.

Kiss your parents, kiss your kids, kiss your loved ones. God has only given us a brief moment on this earth so don't worry about wasting kisses...no such thing! Who goes around and is upset because someone kisses too much??!!** Break down those walls and show that love with more kisses!

**teenagers should seek the Lord concerning this post and what He tells you about the amount you should be kissing! The Morgan are not liable.